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  2. wetheurban:

    FASHION: Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015

    Oh, Riccardo, how you never disappoint. Going against the grain of relaxed spring fashions, Givenchy returns to the sharp structure of its original Givenchy man for spring/summer 2015.

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  3. wetheurban:

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Contrived Accidents of People Consumed by Material Goods & Daily Life

    Photographer Sandro Giordoan has created a crazy photo series of people who look like they’ve just taken terrible falls, spilling all their stuff around them in a “yard sale” of sorts.

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  4. "Existe no homem um vazio do tamanho de Deus."

    Fiodor Dostoievski  (via oxigenio-dapalavra)

    (via oxigenio-dapalavra)

  5. centuriespast:

Dancing Dogs: ‘Lusette’, ‘Madore’, ‘Rosette’ and ‘Moucheby’
by John Wootton
Date painted: 1759
Oil on canvas, 127 x 127 cm
Collection: National Trust
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